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Symposium Archive

2023 Symposium Archive

1. Gen Thomas A. Bussiere

- Air US Strategic Command Barksdale Air Force Base The ICBM and Bomber Transition

2. Representative Kelly Amstrong

- Perspectives on The Nuclear Deterrent

3. Dr Stephen Blank

- Russia's Nuclear Policy and Threat after Ukraine

4. US Senator John Hoeven

- The State of the US Nuclear Deterrent

5. Major General Jason Armagost

- Operationalization of Modernization

6. Vice Admiral Johnny Wolfe and Rear Admiral Scott Pappano

- OME Navy Perspectives on the Nuclear Challenges

7. Brig General Stacy Jo Huser

- Overcoming Challenges to Modernization

8. Mike Pillsbury

- What is the China Debate in the United States About

9. Dr. Brooke Taylor

- Educating the Next Generation in Strategic Deterrence

10. Thomas Troyano

- The Imperative of Nuclear Modernization

11 - General John J. Nichols

12. Matthew Costlow

- Hair Triggers, Sponges and Strange Myths the Real Story of ICBMs

13. Franklin C. Miller

- The View from 40,000 Feet US Nuclear Deterrent Strategy