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2020 Video Archive

Live Event Recording

1. The Strategic Environment: The Current Russian Challenge: New Start, and the Russia and China Nuclear Threat

- Tim Morrison, Senior National Security Fellow, Hudson Institute (Moderated by Peter Huessy)

2. The Importance of Nuclear Modernization

- General John Hyten, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
(Moderated by Peter Huessy, John MacMartin, Mark Jantzer)

3. Russian Nuclear Forces: Is There a Strategy of Escalate to Win?

- Dr. Stephen J. Blank, Senior Fellow at Foreign Policy Research Institute's Eurasia Program
- Dr. Mark Schneider is a Senior Analyst with the National Institute for Public Policy (Moderated by Peter Huessy)

4. Are Nuclear Weapons a Hegemonic Tool in Chinese Security Policy?

- Joseph Bosco, Fellow at the Institute for Corea-America Studies (ICAS) and the Institute for Taiwan-America Studies (ITAS)
- Rick Fisher, Senior Fellow with the International Assessment and Strategy Center (Moderated by Peter Huessy)

5. Getting Nuclear Deterrence and Modernization Right

- Drew Walter, PTDO Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Matters (Moderated by Mark Jantzer)

6. Toward Theories of Victory, Red and Blue

- Dr. Brad Roberts, Director, Center for Global Security Research (Moderated by Peter Huessy)

7. The Cost of Nuclear Modernization in Perspective

- Dr. Michaela Dodge, Research Scholar at the National Institute for Public Policy (Moderated by John MacMartin)

8. The Nature of Nuclear Deterrence

- Honorable Frank Miller, Principal, The Scowcroft Group (Moderated by Mark Jantzer)

9. Nuclear Deterrent Strategy, NC3 and Major Power Competition

- Maj Gen Bill Chambers, USAF, retired, Institute for Defense Analysis (Moderated by John MacMartin)